Looking for a team (Noord-Holland)


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14 mei 2023

My name is Laszlo (25), I live in the Netherlands (Noord -Holland) for almost three years now. Unfortunately I do not speak dutch yet (i am learning it but I am still in the beginning of that journey) which greatly reduces the chance for me to find a team.
I always wanted to get into the sport and now it could be possible for me to do so.

I kinda put together my gear but did not ordered anything yet because preferably, I would like to make that step after I found a team.

Even if you can not recommend me a team I would be happy to hear your thoughts on if I should start playing this sport without a team or not.

Thanks for every helpful comments!
Hello Laszlo you dont really need a team to play airsoft just ask if you can join people for a day. Im down to play with you sometime
Hi @Laszlo, I am a little in the same situation. Also in Noord-Holland. Sometimes I play but also not a lot because no group to play with. Maybe we need to check if we can find more people in the same location with the same issue.

I am on this moment not planning to do it weekly. But ones every month / 6 weeks is my goal for now.
Hi, we are english talking team. Some members are from that area some from other, but most of the time we are planning where to go and going all together. If you are interested, you can contact me
Hello, Maybe North Holland Airsoft Squat ( NHAS) is something for you?
We are a club with almost 100 members from North Holland.
Send a PM if you're interested!