Looking for an english speaking team near amsterdam


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16 okt 2023
hello all!

I am 24 years young, male, live and work in Amsterdam.

Newbie/basic/beginner, i am not looking to get into it properly and looking for a team to do that with near amsterdam that speak english often

I saw on a reddit post that a team called LAPD SWAT in Utrecht might be interesting, but unfortunately could not find a way to contact them

Looking into the laws and rules, would appreciate if I can be invited as a guest before signing up to NABV

Would appreciate any contacts/lead/advice!
Hi, I'm an experienced player and I live in Amsterdam too. If you want we can team up, I'm trying to gather players from Amsterdam
Nice! Would you like to share your number with me? so we can organise something. Here this is my number: +393487278134, my name is Matteo :)
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Hi guys!

Same here new into the airsoft looking for people to go play somewhere, events, teaming up and
etc. Just got my pass and rifle.
So far I find everything about airsoft very interesting .

Im living inNorth-Brabantregion, but traveling is not a huge issue for me i have a car and Netherlands its a small country so in radius of 100km is okay for me
. PM me if something pops up .

Mostly available during weekends, but working days is also fine, depends on the hours.
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